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I am Mistress Ava Wolf

North Yorkshire & Teesside’s Elite Professional Dominatrix

I am a professional and experienced dominatrix trained in all of the services I offer. I choose not to show my face on social media but in person you will find a pretty, well spoken, intelligent lady with long dark flowing hair and a killer hourglass figure. 

I offer a sensual domination experience, as a true Femme Fatale, my aura will entice you, I will lure you in until you succumb to my every word. A cunning, creative and witty Mistress, you will experience complete professionalism, attention to detail and focussed guidance in exploring your kink. You will leave my presence bewitched, aching for more. I also offer more severe kink sessions which allow me to exert my full deviant dominance. I simply adore the D/s power play. Whilst I primarily offer a more sensual experience, I am no stranger to offering more strict and demandingly cruel sessions.

I am well educated, spontaneous and charming with a wicked sense of humour. Be under no illusion that I’ll have you where I want you extremely quickly.

I love kink and if I chose to session with you rest assured I am having just as much (or more) fun than you. It is my way of exploring my dominant nature, I feed from your submission, it enriches my very being.

I enjoy creating rapport with my submissives, building trust, teaching you, guiding you on your kink journey as well as the darker arts of BDSM. For me it is about mutually rewarding experiences. I cater for the novice and seasoned players alike.

My overarching desire is to provide, safe, sane and consensual Kink play that truly hits the spot. 

Get in touch…. I don’t bite! x

Extraordinary Experiences

I am dedicated to honing my skills in order to guide you on your kinky journey.

The training and development of my subs/slaves/sissy’s is focussed on the key areas of control, discipline and obedience. I have many interests ranging from softer sensual play to more severe and sadistic treatment – and everything in-between. Whether I am feeling kind, or strict and severe in session, via careful instruction and enforcement, punishment and reward, my subjects will reach deep levels of servitude, on their journey to meeting my demanding standards.

my Core Values for safe sane and consensual bdsm kink play


The ‘best’ can also be subjective, however my clients are left thrilled with the service I provide. My testimonials tell you just that as well and my twitter profile, filled with content, also backs up that I am the real deal unlike some out there that seek to ‘have a go’ at the art of dominance and submission or are simply scammers who will gladly take your hard earned cash. Many years experience has taught me that it’s important that we click and whilst the majority of my clients return time after time, I may or may not be for you, which is absolutely to be expected. You won’t know until you take the leap but let me help you with this. Don’t be afraid to contact me to ask questions and discuss a potential session. I understand how difficult that can be, but if you have that curiosity or an itch that needs scratching you know you need to explore it further. Let me help you take that all important first step…

What you waiting for? 

"Wow Wow Wow. The real deal she is. I've been lucky enough to experience time with Mistress on many occasions now and have yet to find an end point to the journey. I feel at peace, my experiences at that time are focussed and all thoughts of the outside world leave me wanting more. Enchanting and powerful she is truly the best Mistress I could have hoped for"
Sub Daniel

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