Passionate    Sensual    Dominant    Femme Fatale

My immaculate and fully sterilised playspace awaits. Your safety is my priority, to help ensure this, additional cleaning and other measures are in place to ensure a sanitised and healthy environment in which to indulge your kink.


Welcome. I am a Professional Dominatrix based in Teesside, North Yorkshire with my own well equipped playspace. My overarching desire is to provide, safe, sane and consensual Kink play that truly hits the spot. 

How do I achieve this?

I am an experienced professional Dominatrix, with a solid grounding in all of the aspects of BDSM and the kink I indulge in. Coupled with a Femme Fatale sensual approach, I have become one the leading Mistresses in the North East of England. I have built a successful business from the ground up and rely on my honed skills, BDSM knowledge and expertise. My passion for kink and truly tailored play ensures repeat custom, evidenced by my Testimonials. 

You mention your seductive approach, what does this mean if I session with you?

I tap into your desires, to control, manipulate and create a desire in you so strong that a mere whisper in your ear can often be enough to tantalise and reduce you to a quivering wreck. My physical appearance serves to highten your emotions. I have long brunette hair, size 8 with an hourglass figure and can often be found wearing a range of outfits from shiny tight latex to corsets, suspenders, sky scraper heels and my signature red lips. I am very pretty and seductive, luring you to exactly where I want you.

Does your sensual approach mean you are not demanding or downright cruel in session?

Whilst I am a sensual mistress, this is just the overarching aura you will feel. My sessions range from mild to severe. Time spent with me can be challenging in different ways depending on the individual and my mood. I am not opposed to the more sadistic interaction.

Why should I pick you?

My reputation and feedback is second to none, if you have read the above you are already on your path to meeting me. Read on and I’m sure this will be confirmed to you.



In person you will find an Elite Mistress, I pride myself on attention to detail and choose clothing that enhances your visual stimuli. All images are of me, taken in the last year or so. Some candid and others professional. I am constantly adding to my Gallery.

Tailored kink bdsm sessions that truly hit the spot



My ethos is simple, I enjoy nothing more than exploring the D/s power exchange. Ranging from the mild to more severe kink play, I create delicious sessions that allow you to explore your fetish in a safe environment. I value the connections I make and endulging in play that I thoroughly enjoy. I am respectful, discreet and offer you the best experience in the North East UK.

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