Who am i?

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Mistress Ava Wolf

North Yorkshire & Teesside’s Elite Professional Dominatrix

I am a professional and experienced dominatrix trained in all of the services I offer. I choose not to show my face on social media but in person you will find a pretty, well spoken, intelligent lady with long dark flowing hair and a killer hourglass figure. 

I am the epitome of Femme Fatale and offer a sensual domination experience. Even in my more severe sessions I ooze sensuality and sophistication, a combination hard to resist. Those that venture through my door are soon bewitched and all of my client testimonials confirm just that. 

I am extremely well educated, witty, spontaneous and charming with a wicked sense of humour. Be under no illusion that I’ll have you where I want you extremely quickly and I’ll enchant your being.

My overarching desire lies in stretching the boundaries of those I choose to guide and educate, enforcing the D/s power exchange, which is a way of indulging my dominant nature.

My ethos is simple, building a strong mental connection between myself and my subjects for mutually rewarding experiences. Whether it be guiding the first curious steps of the novice or exploring the darker and more deviant areas of the kink experience with seasoned players.  

Extraordinary Experiences

I am dedicated to honing my skills in order to guide you on your kinky journey.

The training and development of my subs/slaves/sissy’s is focussed on the key areas of control, discipline and obedience. I have many interests ranging from softer sensual play to more severe and sadistic treatment – and everything in-between. Whether I am feeling kind, or strict and severe in session, via careful instruction and enforcement, punishment and reward, my subjects will reach deep levels of servitude, on their journey to meeting my demanding standards.

my Core Values for safe sane and consensual bdsm kink play

  • Honesty and Integrity are fundamental
  • Building trust as a basis for a mutually rewarding experience
  • Complete respect given and expected in return
  • Fun and spontaneous experiences