Common Questions

Please check commonly asked questions

I always expect my potential clients to do their homework and reviewing the FAQ’s shows you are serious. Please make an effort to do this.

Where are you based?

My premises are in Stockton On Tees, North East UK. It’s a warm an inviting environment with everything you need for fun and safe kink play.

Are the premises discreet?

Yes completely, it is a residential setting but not overly overlooked and I have had no issue whatsoever regarding confidentiality

What facilities do you have?

I have a few main play areas that are used for different scenarios depending on the session content. Well equipped with lots of fun (for me) toys!

What equipment do you have?

I have a bondage bed, whipping bench, medical bed, fucking bench, electrics, hoods, gags, gas mask, latex shorts, tops, sissy wear, shoes, boots, whips, floggers, canes, whips, paddles, cock and ball torture equipment, mummification film, straight jacket, restraints, spreader bar, sensory items such as pin wheels, anal play items. I’ve not listed everything, if there is something you don’t see please ask and I may have it already.

Do you offer sexual services?

Absolutely not. You will never get to touch me and when I offer face sitting I wear underwear or other clothing. You will respect my boundaries as I respect yours. I will not change my mind on this so please don’t ask!

Can I shower at your playspace?

I do have shower facilities and I expect all clients to be clean and hygienic, if you have been unable to shower you may use the facilities but please let me know in advance.

Do you have toiletries?

Yes I have the usual shower gel, shampoo, deodorant and fresh towels.

Does my session time start as soon as I come in?

We have a short 5 min chat before your session to get to know each other, put you at ease and discuss the session content, safety and everything we need to go through to ensure fun, safe and consensual kink play.

Are you approachable?

I’m very personable. My clients will often comment on how friendly I am and I will quickly put you at ease, I am not an ogre. In the actual session I am strict and you will see my dominant side truly come to the fore. I am always super demanding and expect your best.

Do you allow me to go straight into it as soon as I come through the door?

I only allow this with clients I have sessioned with previously and feel comfortable going straight into things. From a safety perspective it is important that I understand your current health, all limits etc so this is all agreed in advance but as a rule I would need to session with you prior to agreeing this option.

Can I ask questions?

Of course, it is important to chat and I can help clarify everything for you. We can do this in our chat before hand. I am a dominant but please don’t think because you are ultimately my plaything and or submissive that you can’t ask questions or discuss your requirements. Good communication prior to play is essential.

Do you use safe words?

Yes this is important, more so in sessions in which we are pushing your boundaries or deeper BDSM play. You will be able to tell me if something isn’t working for you. I offer Safe, Sane and Consensual play so this is very important.

I usually use the Red, Amber, Green traffic light system. Amber is getting close to something that is feeling uncomfortable for you at which point we reduce intensity or frequency, perhaps moving onto another activity based on the situation. Red is a full stop to the activity at that time and a quick progression to something else. Green goes without saying. When I build strong rapport with my regular subs I will become very aware of how the session is going for them. Becoming in tune with your sub is key.

Are your premises clean?

I pride myself on the level of cleanliness of my playspace. Everything is sterilised for use before your session with deep cleans done prior and after to ensure the health and well being of all clients who visit me. This is a priority for me.

Is it a commercial property, such as a unit?

No, it is a house and offers a more intimate feel. It is well heated with a luxury feel.

Is your playspace heated?

Yes, I always make sure it is a comfortable temperature. You will most likely be fully naked or at least at points so this is important to ensure you are focused on proceedings rather than how hot or cold you are.

Do I have to pay a deposit for your session?

All first sessions with clients require a £50 deposit via Amazon E-Gift voucher or actual amazon gift card purchased in a shop and code provided. There are no exceptions to this, too often I have been let down by cancellations and no shows which greatly affect my business. If you are serious then you need to show your commitment by paying your deposit. Subsequent sessions will not require a deposit if you prove you are reliable otherwise deposit or pre-payment will be required.

What if I need to cancel my session?

You can move your session to another date without penalty as long as it is before 24 hours of the original session date and time. If you choose to cancel within 24 hours of your session commencing then your deposit will be non refundable unless there is a very good reason and at my discretion completely.

Last minute cancellations and no shows are unacceptable and will result in loss of deposit and potentially blacklisted. I am not in the habit of suffering fools lightly.

Mistress, if you cancel the session will my deposit still remain in place?

Yes of course, I will always be flexible and offer you a new date/time to suit us both. Cancellations are not the norm but if it does happen in rare circumstances your deposit will still be honoured and go towards the future session.

Are your rates negotiable?

No, I don’t enter into debate about this. If the fee is not acceptable to you then it would be best to consider other options and not contact me. My rates are fair and comparable to other professional mistresses in the North East. I do however offer a slight discount for extended sessions which I’m happy to discuss.

Do you take Bank Transfer / Paypal  / Credit Card / foreign currency or cheques?

No sorry, only Amazon Gift Card at this point. Remainder of payment is cash on the day prior to the session starting and in an envelope already counted out. All notes

Is is confidential?

Absolutely, confidentiality is important to us both. I expect it in return. I will never contact you unsolicited unless you give permission for me to contact you adhoc with offers etc. If we find ourselves face to face in a public setting I will not acknowledge you. I expect you to do the same.

Do you offer Double Domme?

I may be able to offer this at times. This carries an additional charge so please get in touch if this is something you are interested in.

Do you see ladies or couples?

Yes I see both. I offer a couples package which is very delicious..

Do you offer blood sports / scat / intimate body worship?

No this is not something I offer.

How do I contact you?

You can get in touch via DM on twitter or instagram. I don’t tend to check facebook often. The best and quickest way to get in touch is via text or email in the first instance. If you wish to chat on the phone we can do this at a time suitable for us both. I do not listen to voicemail messages.

It is my first experience with a mistress. I feel nervous!

I am extremely experienced with newcomers, I will put you at ease and offer kink play that is suitable for you taking into consideration your experience and boundaries. I will look after you don’t worry.

I want to push my boundaries, can you help?

I am experienced in everything I offer and enjoy nothing more than exploring the limits of kink play. Just ask me!

If there is a question not covered please just ask!

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