Common Questions

Is that really you in the photos and are there any pictures that show your face?

Yes all of the images are of me. I don’t show my face uncovered because I like to keep things simpler in the vanilla world. I’m told that I look even prettier in real life so you have no need to worry!

How shall I prepare before I visit you Mistress?

Don’t forget to have a shower and, if the circumstances don’t allow you to do so, you can always shower at my playspace.

For “anal play” then please do make sure douche before arriving or I can provide you with a quick enema.

Also before arriving prepare the correct tribute.

As for the play room – Is this an official/commercial dungeon? – and – Is your place discreet, clean and heated, and do you have a bathroom I could use (I am coming straight from work, could I have a shower)?

My playplace is my own and not a commercial dungeon not rented out and is completely discreet. It is well heated and there is also a shower room, clean towels and toiletries for your use

How should I address you, what is the proper etiquette?

You may address me as Mistress. If you are a novice don’t panic that you might make mistakes; providing you are polite and respectful, then you will be fine.

What do you look like? What size are you?

This really is important to some but not to all. I am a petite size 8, 5ft4 (5ft7 in my killer heels) and a shoe size 6. I’m a 32DD and corset size (22). I have long flowing brunette hair, an hourglass figure and pretty face.

What preparation is needed for anal play?

It is advisable for you to be hair free in the area from practical reasons and if you wish to douche before you attend then that is fine. Having done so I will not provide you with an enema. A simple enema is the best way of ensuring fun, clean play. I do expect good hygiene so please ensure you shower before the session or if not you can have a quick shower at the playspace with towels and toiletries provided.

How hygienic are your premises

I take great pride and care in ensuring my playspace, all toys and equipment are maintained and meticulously clean. All insertable play items are completely sterilised and protected with a condom for your session.

Do you offer Scat / wrestling / needleplay / sounding / queening?

NO, I don’t offer these sorry. I don’t enter into discussion as to why and I will not change my mind.

Do you offer distance domination / skype Sessions?

No, I only offer real-time domination sessions at my own playspace

Do you tour?

Sometimes yes, I advertise upcoming tours on my twitter or on my site.

Do you offer sexual services?

The number of times that I get asked this.. time and time again the answer is NO and will always be a NO. This also means I only do Facesitting or Assworship wearing pants or thong, I DO NOT OFFER QUEENING. Often mistaken for face sitting or for the chancers out there. Look it up if you are confused.

Do you provide Parking

Yes there is on-street parking on the road outside.

Does your session include aftercare?

Yes we will have time for a short chat after your session as I like to make sure you are in the right place physically and mentally before you go on your way and to answer any questions or obtain your feedback. Please also understand that I am a busy mistress and extended additional time should not be expected. If you wish more time, I am happy to provide this with the corresponding tribute.

Are you discreet, Mistress? Will I be able to maintain my privacy before and during my meeting with you? What happens if we met by chance in “real life”?

Yes, 100% your discretion is completely assured and I will never compromise your privacy. I expect the same from you also!

Say for instance we met in real life (walking along a street, at a bar etc.) 

 I wouldn’t acknowledge that I knew you. Likewise, I would never contact you unless it was agreed beforehand or if you have provided me with contact details and expressly said that you were happy for me to use them to contact you.

Can we negotiate on your rate / can I have a discount?

No, No. No. Do not even think about asking for a discount. I may from time to time offer ‘Special Promotions’ at my discretion. These will be advertised, a stipulated session content, price and start/end date. Outside of this it is rude to ask and you will find I will not session with people who ‘try their luck’

Will the session start straight away?

No, our session will not start straight away unless we have already met, AND we have discussed or agreed something like this beforehand. Usually, after you arrive (and if it is your first time – got over your nervousness – don’t worry it is quite normal!) I like to have a quick, relaxed, chat. This gives us an opportunity to discuss your fetishes (anything you were too shy to mention), any questions, for you to confess anything you have left out (phobias, secret Viagra taking, etc etc) and for us to get to know each other whilst you relax a little and get used to my presence.

For those with more experience and those with whom I have sessioned with before, I do offer an opportunity to go straight into the session, which may start straight at my door.

I am a shy person. Are you intimidating?

Lots of people are nervous before their first time with a Dominatrix and when you arrive I will put you at ease so that you can “enjoy” yourself properly. Even though I can be intimidating at times, its not helpful to scare the inexperienced players when you first meet me. I love my job and building new relationships so you will find me amenable, you will also learn about the appropriate protocol during our pre-session conversation.

Will I still be treated as a person during the session? Or will I be/feel degraded and humiliated at all times?

BDSM should be on some level – fun!   It’s important that each individual leaves my session with “brilliant, I really enjoyed that”.  Humiliation and degradation just like everything else in BDSM are quite specific fetishes and, as such, not everyone enjoys them – we are all different after all.  Many people who do enjoy humiliation might love “small penis humiliation” but be sensitive about their physical appearance for others it might be the reverse!

If you don’t express interest in humiliation/degradation activities you will NOT be subject to this by me