It's time to indulge

Are you ready?

Are you a curious novice novice who would like to experience BDSM for the first time? I will guide you on your journey and offer you the freedom of expression to be who you want in a safe and comfortable environment.

Perhaps you are looking to push your boundaries and experience a new level of servitude… I also cater for the seasoned players and love nothing more than exploring the dark arts of BDSM and a variety of fetishes.


I recognise that you expect the best in your professional dominatrix and that is what I offer. From skills, years of experience to hygiene, cleanliness and maticulous attention to session content detail, everything you will experience will be of the highest quality. 

I only offer services that I am fully qualified in and whilst I have been in the scene a while, I formally trained at the London Dominatrix School. This best equips me to indulge my more dominant side in a safe, sane and consensual way with each client that enters my chambers. Your safety is always my priority.




"Mistress Ava exudes sensuality. Her charmingly wicked demeanor only serves to heighten my need to serve her completely. I give her everything of me and in return I leave feeling exhilarated each and every time."
Sub Scott


Below is a list of delicious activities that I endulge in, I do offer many other services in addition to the below so if there is something you enjoy but don’t see listed please ask…..


Torture can be inflicted by flogging, slapping, nipping, squeezing, pinching, adding weights to, dripping hot wax, using a pinwheel. As with most activities, play can be light to severe.

Corporal Punishment / Impact Play

Physical punishment such as caning paddling, flogging, spanking, use of rulers, tawses, plimsoles, hairbrush, whips. From mild to severe.

Foot Workship

Kiss, lick, massage and adore Mistress’s feet, heels, boots or shoes. Feet with beautifully painted toenails, sometimes sweaty and smelly, to be cleaned accordingly. Also Mistress has lovely smooth legs which I may give you permission to rub my aching muscles.

slave training

Want to become an obedient and useful slave for Mistress? I will train you well and challenge you. This can also include slave positions.

Sissy / Maid training

Mistress enjoys nothing more than for her maids to be at her beck and call. Doing a variety of chores as I see fit and being assessed throughout. I may also get the chance to laugh at your expense if you don't get it right first time..



Involves the tying up, restraining and immobilizing via rope, shackles, wrist and ankle cuffs, secured to bondage bed or other equipment.

nipple torture / play

Involves the tying up, restraining and immobilizing in most cases with a focus on sensation to the nipple and surrounding area using equipment or nails. Sensations can be mild to severe and can be incorporated into other activities.

Tie and Tease

Being tied up /restrained and teased, can also incorporate tease and denial. Can also work well with CBT or nipple play / torture.

Wax Play

Candle wax dripped onto a persons naked skin, can be combined with nipple play, CBT or sensation play.

The sensation can also be aided by complete confinement, being restrained and helpless. Whilst I make pretty colours and patterns on your skin.


Specifically designed for BDSM play, electrics can produce anything from a mild tingling sensation to an intense pulse. It can feel like thousands of fingers running over you at once, to sudden intense shocks, and everything in between.


The art of face sitting is whereby mistress positions herself on the submissive's face. Can also be used as part of a breath control session. Not to be confused with 'queening' which is an intimate sexual practice. Face-sitting is conducted clothes or wearing delicate lingerie.

Why Me

I am fully trained and extensively experienced in all of the kinks that I cater for. Every client is unique and as such the session is tailored to your craving. 

What You Get

With my own personal,  discreet, well appointed playspace you are guaranteed  the experience you desire.