It can be hard choosing a mistress, someone who must pocess the knowledge, skills and experience to ensure your needs are fulfilled in a fun and safe way. I am fully trained in every activity I offer. If I don't enjoy something, I don't do it. You can be sure that I am enjoying it just as much as you are! I believe that the mental connection between a mistress and submissive is crucial. To that end, I pay close attention to this bond and nurture it. You will find me to be approachable, gregarious, fun and very talented at what I do. I can be strict and unforgiving in session when my dominance shines through. My skills are second to none, I have trained at one of the leading Domantrix Schools in the country to become a pro domina and I am not a 'have a go' mistress. You can be assured of the best at all times.
I am well versed in many activities and kinks. Just ask... Please check out some of my testimonials below. You can also check out my twitter feed, this will also provide you with confidence. Thanks!

Brilliant! I've now found a mistress that listens and gets my kinks. We have explored many things over the past few sessions and I'm always on my toes as to what to expect. Thank you so much my mistress
I spotted Mistress Wolf on twitter and was curious. She has such allure and when I visited her I cannot describe in words how amazing time spent with her is. If you are unsure, take the plunge and try. I'm so glad I found a professional dominatrix in the Teesside area.
Wow wow wow. Speachless at how beautiful and talented Mistress is. I'm pretty experienced in the scene and took the plunge to visit Mistress and boy am I glad I did. She's the right balance of seductiveness with total control and had me instantly. I'll be back soon!! Thank you Mistress xx
I have always had a desire to explore my submissive side but didn't know where to start. I spent ages looking at mistresses and it was hard to find someone who ticked all the boxes...until I decided to get in touch with Mistress Ava. From first contact until we met for the first time she was professional and quickly put me at ease. I've now been to see her 3 times and each time has been amazing. True professional, she is sensual but strict and I feel totally at her mercy. Can't wait for my next experience with Mistress.
Oh my where to begin. I have just had my first session with mistress Ava and I'm so pleased I chose her. My fetish is boot and shoe worship and after having visited quite a few mistresses across my years in the scene, I have finally found someone who knows how to fulfil my needs. Not only is her collection of shoes and boots a delight, the interspersed activities she pushes me in have been an eye opener. Especially with regards to receiving her cane or flogger for daring to look up at her beauty whilst sucking the heels of her thigh high boots. If you are reading this wondering if she is the real deal, let me tell you won't regret booking a session. See for yourself but my experiences across 10 plus years have finally led to finding a true Mistress who knows exactly how to push my buttons.
I can't imagine anyone like Mistress Ava. I have been arranging sessions with her for over a year now and it is the most incredible experience. Not only does she always look stunning in a variety of outfits, particularly latex, but how she interacts during each session whether it's a little touch or whisper you know exactly your place. I was little over a novice in my first meeting and Mistress guided me perfectly despite my nerves, ensuring boundaries were set and sessions were planned accordingly. Now I'm a little more experienced we both take pleasure in her pushing my boundaries a little further and further each time has left me feeling exhilarated. The most recent session had my head spinning when we finished but already planning my next visit.
Right from the get go Mistress was extremely responsive and we quickly agreed my session, the content I'd like to experience and hard limits. I arrived at her premises which are great, quiet street, set back and private. When I entered I was struck by her prettiness and wonderful figure clad in a traditional black pencil skirt, white blouse, red lips and killer heels. My session was to be based around impact play as I really enjoy being pushed on this and I was not dissapointed. Her expertise is wonderful and she achieved the perfect balance between challenging me whilst not leaving markings that would survive 2 days plus. Her persona oozes sensual dominance. It's hard to take your eyes off of her and I kept having to compose myself as she spotted me looking in the mirror whilst strapped on her bench. Her facilities are great, a great collection of impact play items and larger equipment which she used to create different restraint positions. I will be back as I really enjoyed the experience. Highly recommended!!
I’m not usually one for writing testimonials but after a session with the amazing Mistress Ava Wolf I felt I had to. It had been s while since I’d sessioned as I never quite felt it was as good in reality as in my mind. I took the plunge and booked. On arrival at the discreet premises I was greeted by a goddess from another world. I had seen glimpses on twitter but the reality was even better. Prior to the session we had an in-depth chat abouts limits, likes, dislikes and I was at ease instantly. As for the session itself, it was perfection, Mistress Ava Wolf was fantastic, meeting all my hopes and more. There was no clock watching and all the way through I had a smile on my face, even during the painful parts. I can’t recommend highly enough.
I was very wary of visting a Mistress but it was something I had to do and when I found Mistress Ava's website I nervously plucked up the courage to book a session not knowing how much of what I had read was true.... I NEED NOT of worried. Mistress Ava welcomed me and set me at ease by asking me what I expected / wanted from a session and gave me a chance to ask any questions, all in a very friendly and personable manner. I was then shown where to strip and get ready then enter Mistress's realm... The moment I entered. Mistress's aura had changed and I felt immediately her control and power start to take hold over me, what happened from then on is personal to me so I will not share it here suffice to say the session was everything and more I could of expected why I have held off from visiting before I do not know. At the end of the session Mistress made time to talk through it and asked how I felt... I FELT GREAT ... and totally excillerated. I cannot wait to see where Mistress will take me further down this road of submission.
Well, words are hard to describe such climax and moments. In my life I have seen many things and experiences a lot however I was blown away by the gorgeous mistress. From first sight I knew I had found my place in life. You must visit her to know exactly the pleasure and pain she makes u feel at the same time is the best feeling in the world. Someone who has been into femdom from a young age has finally found the prefect empire to submit to his Mistress Ava Wolf. The greatest decision and moment in my life was sessioning with mistress which will long live with me for the rest of my life. I also want u praise and thank Mistress Buck for his amazing presence and really put me in my place. Mistress is the greatest thing to happen to me and I have finally found to accept my inner sissy self and embrace the faggot that’s within me. The first to many many barriers and memories being made with the Mistress Ava Wolf. Maggot of her Wolfpack. Thank you mistress
Oh wow what can I say, I finally plucked up the courage to visit mistress Ava and boy was I mesmerised by her beauty, one look from them eyes and it’s game over you belong to her, I was quite nervous at first but that didn’t last long once mistress put me at, I will definitely be back on a number of occasions to see mistress and I would highly recommend her to anyone. Stunning but sadistic!!!
I spent a long time pondering on whether I should visit a dominatrix, and when I decided to make the leap I wasn't disappointed on the way mistress ava wolf took me in and progressively worked her way with me through everything I spoke to her about, she was fully aware that it was my first time but the experience for me was that amazing, my 4th session with mistress ava is booked now and can't come quick enough! Curious? Or looking for something more? Contact her you wont be disappointed.
Mistress Ava Wolf is an exquisite and intelligent lady that only deserves the very best.She looks so sweet and innocent, but don't let that or he soft sensual voice fool you. I've had the honour of been able to serve Mistress Ava on multiple occasions over the last year and I'm truly grateful. I was nervous at our first session, however Mistress quickly calmed the nerves with a little talk and said with her mischievous laugh to put my trust in her. On each visit Mistress has explored various areas that I was curious about as well as a few surprises along the way, constantly testing my ability and pain threshold. Mistress Ava Wolf is a true professional with a lot of experience and I highly recommend taking the step to book and serve this remarkably stunning size 8 lady. Don't forgot Mistress does like to be spoilled so please check out her website for details on what she loves. Thank you Mistress for regarding me as one of your loyal slaves and I look forward to serving you again on many more occasions.
"After my first visit to Mistress Ava all i can say is wow. From the moment I walked through the door to the moment I left I felt completely at ease. Mistress is stunning with the most alluring eyes that confirm her hold over you. The session was incredible as mistress showed her sense of humour whilst maintaining control and strictness. I will certainly be back for more. Thank you again."
Not only was this my first visit with Mistress Ava, but it was my first visit with a Domina. I was greeted with warmth and caring by a vision of beauty - the Goddess Venus personified. To allay my fears, Mistress sat me down in her comfortable reception room and asked me if I had any particular wishes, what my boundaries were, and how she was going to conduct the session. I was then sent to strip and to return to her inner sanctum. I will not tell you what Mistress Ava had me do, or what she did to me, as it is precious to me. I will tell you though that it left me spent, exhausted, exhilarated, and enlightened. On the long drive home I could still feel her presence both physically and emotionally. Having finally turned fantasy into reality, I find myself as a blank page, just waiting for her to write a new chapter in my life